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I’m a Career Success and High-Performance expert who shows you how to achieve:

🏆 Greater clarity on what is your next best career step - whether that be career changes, consulting, contracting, nomading or promotions, and company changes.

🏆 Marketing collateral to triple your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

🏆 Getting more than one offer at once through interviewing, reference checking and managing job processes more effectively. 

🏆 Securing up to $50k / 20% pay rises with better benefits & flexibility.

🏆 Finding and doing the best work of your life.


James is the quintessential “high performance” consultant and coach. A client working with him should expect to be challenged and then guided like they never have before—and the results will be extraordinary.

What people say:


He has passion, a strategic mindset and most of all, excellent communication skills. I strongly recommend James as a coach if you want to grow.

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His recommendations for improvement are down to earth, easy to understand and very helpful. I would recommend anyone that is struggling to find a job in a competitive environment to talk to James and get his help.

What people say:


James is one to watch. Incredibly agile, astute and engaging he drives change and delivers business results. His high energy, motivation and creativity inspires change.

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